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Francisco Gomes de Matos


You help so many people and organizations

Their  creativity  to improve and  to refine

By challenging  them ever- ingeniously

To  explore  their marvelous, mental  mine


A search for productive options you provoke

Banks of fertile  ideas  you    generate

Everyone´s right  to  innovations  you invoke

A commitment to creative service you activate



Problem-solving  you imaginatively probe

By  using education,sciences  and the arts

Interdisciplinarily  you broadly  research

For  visioning the whole  or its parts


Practices,programs,and projects you design

Relevant plans and policies  you implement

New  paths    to   solutions you discover

And  human  creative knowledge you augment


To  Creative  Education you can  contribute

By  showing  multiple,meaningful ways

Their  positive   benefits, do distribute

For  humanity to  live  better  days


Please  apply  your  imagination

Inspired by the  Osborn Tradition

And  include  with strong conviction

A  needed ,creative   addition


May  your  human  creativity

Be translated  as   humane,too

For in  deeply  humanizing others

You  create  a  humanized you


When engaging in brainstorming

Other  strategies  creactivating

Remember that  your creative mission

Is transformative  and  liberating


The greatest social responsibility you have

In  today´s chaotic ,violent world to fulfil

Is that of sharing   your   creative expertise

Peace-making-and-sustaining to instill


Please be  permanent,  creative humanizers

And help   promote  Justice and Human Rights

Compose  songs  of  dignity and harmony

And  everywhere  plant    peaceful   sights


3º ciclo de formación en Creatividad acorde con la C.U.E.
               > Programa profesional (abierto a todos)
               > Master (para titulados)
               > Doctorado (para masters)

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