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International InSEA Congress 2006

‘Interdisciplinary Dialogues in Arts Education'

Viseu, Portugal, dates: 1-5 March, 2006

Web page: http://insea2006.apecv.pt/


InSEA is an international organisation for arts educators, gallery and museum educators and other people with similar interests and concerns for education in the visual arts. InSEA has as its main purposes the encouragement and advancement of creative education through arts and crafts in all countries and the promotion of international understanding. InSEA was founded in 1954 and today is an international, non-governmental organisation in consultative relations with UNESCO.

‘Interdisciplinary Dialogues in Arts Education' is an international congress for teachers, museum educators, curators and others involved in arts education. The congress aims to be interdisciplinary in its reflection of arts education learning contexts. It will provide a platform of dialogue between arts education and society for those who wish to question and evaluate the ways in which the arts  are produced, disseminated and interpreted across a diverse range of educational contexts.


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