Rosa Cazón y Paula Vázquez


      This is the story of the Greenish Brain  Power Ultra Ranger who had been made by Mejutown. The Intergalactical Emperor for the  Digital Channel Galaxy decided to fight the evil forces of the daunt students. To control the Greenish Brown Power Ultra rRnger, Mejutown entrusted in his best warrior: Shadow Doors.

      The Greenish Brown Power Ultra Ranger had the head of a green Txemanu, winner of the Gold Medal in the Cyborglimpic Games in the modality of one hundred  metres. His body had been made many years ago at  Manuel Antonio´s workshop with recycled plastic and supervised circuits, by the engineer master Berrie. In his heart, the Greenish Brown Power Ultra Magic Ranger had an atomic bomb in the form of  Compostela´s Cathedral.

      At first, this monster didn´t work at all, but nowadays is almost a perfect machine and is highly demanded in the market, even though he is hated by all the people, he is a perfect fighter: he fights for freedom all over the Universe, he mostly fights against the evil forces of the daunt students. Who will win in the end?


3ş ciclo de formación en Creatividad acorde con la C.U.E.
               > Programa profesional multitalentos (abierto a todos)
               > Master (para titulados)
               > Doctorado (para masters)

Julio 2005. INTENSIVO.